Naked Larder came about because of the real need for us to change our shopping habits. We seek to find more sustainable ways to shop. Practices that reduce the huge volumes of packaging, in particular plastic, created throughout the world today. We feel that reducing the use of packaging, rather than recycling, is the key element. Recycling is energy-intensive and much does still end up in landfill, the oceans or polluting our environment in other harmful and damaging ways. Substituting plastic for other forms of packaging will just create other environmental problems and does nothing to reduce our reliance on using the earth's precious and dwindling resources to make items that are then only used once.

My name is Colin and I run Naked Larder Hastings. Having been a Regional Rep for Surfers Against Sewage and a Community Leader for some years, I have been keen to see how I could have a bigger impact on waste in the community. Helping to change the shopping habits of people in Hastings and the surrounding areas is a great way to build on the fight against plastic waste. I set up Plastic Free Hastings to facilitate this. Opening a packaging-free shop in the heart of our community however, has been something I had been thinking about for a number of years and Trinity Hall Community Centre has now given me that opportunity. 


The goal of Naked Larder Hastings is not just to change shopping habits, but to build a community for like-minded people to shop with minimal waste, swap ideas and discuss other community opportunities that Naked Larder can support. We also want to work with local businesses with similar mindsets to help them reduce their packaging waste too.


I am passionate about the planet, reducing plastic in the community and helping educate the next generation through sustainable shopping.



Naked Larder Hastings


Naked Larder Hastings is a franchise of Naked Larder Ltd. Find out more here.

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"We're so excited to be working with Colin in Hastings now, bringing packaging free shopping to communities in East Sussex and connecting more like minded people who wish to do their part to lessen the impact humans are having on the environment.

We look forward to seeing the Naked Larder Hastings community grow, continue to raise awareness and enable people to change their shopping habits for a better future."

Phili Denning, Naked Larder Founder.

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